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One of the best scene of #bobsburgers lol #terminator2 #sarahconor #tinabelcher #johnconnor

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Omg I can’t with the Sharknado 2 intro lmao!

I’m all up for friends working out and being healthy and posting it on fb. It’s when they start saying “There’s no excuse” the only one stoping it is you bullshit and like uh HELLO!? I can’t lift my arms or WALK for that matter…..and it pisses me off cus I don’t call them out cus I don’t like confrontation but I mean c’mon just work out and shut up, fuck.


The new mixtape HUNGER PANGS.

Official Website:


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*cries intensely* I just really need a download link for this its just too good!!


omg i love you mark

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The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

I am the son
and the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

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6 selfie challenge!

some are waay old but they are my favorites!

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today i was part of the AMAZING radical youth camp organized by Raices Roots Ridas with the help of tons of other amazing grassroots collectives and rad individuals. Raices Roots is offering a month long radical summer camp where youth of color in L.A are introduced to gardening, biking, healing foods, decolonial teachings, art, indigenous practices, systemic violence, resistance and much more! Folx organizing and volunteering are doing a truly grassroots work to provide REAL education to the seeds that join the camp, doing this together! i had the best time facilitating a skillshare on cycles, transitions, mxnstruation and how to support folx using a rebozo  Raices Roots, volunteers and youth are having a closing ceremony/fundraising in a couple of weeks, here is the FB event! it is inspiring to see how much our community can do/offer when we get our resources together and decide to work towards cultivating the seeds growing in this corrupt and violent concrete city.

La Loba Loca

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Note to self

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